Together we can provide better services to persons with developmental disabilities.


LOVE Community is passionate about bringing out the inner creativity and confidence of every individual. We strive to create an environment that’s enriching and fulfilling, and that exceeds the community’s expectations. We believe it is our mission to serve all members of our community through art, music, and physical activities.


Choosing an Adult Habilitation Service is a difficult and often daunting task. Our dedicated and passionate staff is designed to provide you with the best Adult Habilitation Service possible for your loved ones. LOVE Community strives to provide a creative outlet for individuals with developmental disabilities and mental needs in the community. LOVE Community is accepting of any and all individuals wanting a positive creative outlet and improving their quality of life while living in our community. LOVE Community exists to support community members facing developmental disabilities and mental health needs with hands-on work and skills. These activities are designed to develop individuals with imagination, hand eye coordination, social behavior skills, teamwork and a sense of worth that will serve to enhance daily living at home.

At LOVE Community it is expected that all staff make a positive connection in the lives of persons receiving supports and assist them in increasing the productivity of their current roles within their personal endeavors and community. We strive to maintain the utmost professional, caring, and supportive team in the business. We want to be more than a service to our clients; we want to become a second family and reliable support system to all those that we serve.

At LOVE Community we believe in shared fundamentals values and principles that are right and true to all human beings. Through our passion for serving the community and care, we promise that we will provide an engaging and supportive atmosphere for the individuals who attend LOVE Community.


LOVE Community is a Habilitation Service agency that offers a series of programs and workshops devoted to the physical, emotional, social, residential and vocational development of persons with developmental disabilities and mental health needs.

At LOVE Community individuals will enjoy a variety of art, music, and physical activity programs, vocational workshops, and residential training in a safe and stress-free environment that they may not have the opportunity to experience in their day-to-day routine. The programs offered at LOVE Community are designed to inspire creativity and enrich the lives of its individuals. Activities are tailored to the strengths of the individual to provide a positive experience and boost self-confidence.

Our LOVE Community Team is readily available to assist when needed to ensure that each individual has a fulfilling experience.


LOVE Community offers a series of programs and workshops devoted to the physical, emotional, social and vocational development of persons with developmental disabilities.

Studio programs offered are primarily art, music, and physical activity based and are designed to inspire creativity and enrich the lives of our individuals.

Activities such as free-form painting, instrument exploration, songs and movement to music, and mini sports exhibitions are tailored to the strengths of the individual to provide a positive experience and boost self-confidence.

Vocational workshops at LOVE Community emphasize oral and written communication, as well as basic career education; all designed to improve the employment of its clients.


EFH/Residential Services: to increase the safety and success of people with developmental disabilities and mental health needs while living in the community.

Community Inclusion: to increase communication and personal relationships between people with and without developmental disabilities.

Employment: To increase the employment of individuals with developmental disabilities working in integrated settings and earning at least minimum wage.

Quality Assurance: To increase the quality of care and services currently available to individuals with developmental disabilities with an inside out approach.

Improvement of Health: To improve the emotional and physical health of individuals with developmental disabilities through its programs and workshops.


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Mission Infinity is an organization focused on environmental activism by recruiting teams of volunteers to participate in community clean ups and recycling efforts throughout local areas including parks, trails, lakes, and streams.

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The Nebraska Planning Council on Developmental Disabilities is located within the Division of Public Health in the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. They identify legislation introduced and educate policymakers on the impact of these bills on persons with developmental disabilities.

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